The action of original 2010 Tirailleur is MF (Medium Fast) while the new Tirailleur has been updated and its weight has been reduced by 15g, having a full control over the rod’s effective springback and aftershock. Tirailleur possesses the long range and accuracy of the Heavy Sniper Rifles and fully unfolds a brilliant chapter for Lurefans AC68, providing the unique choice for your pursuit of precise long casting and making the legend of master in term of MH.

Serial Number: AC-68MH
Overall length: 204cm Fit for Lure 7-28g (1/4-1 OZ) and Line 10-22lb
Dead weight: 131.8g The diameters of rod tip and rod end: 1.6mm & 11.2mm
Use top carbon and the carbon content of the rod body up to 100%
Total 10 FUJI SIC guides for Tirailleur: 4 double-legged guides and 5 single-legged guides and 1 top guide
Power standard: MH (Medium Heavy) Action: EF (Ex-Fast)
Exclusive and Customized FUJI Reel Seat for Tirailleur Top cork handle


Lengthened handle upright

Inscription on rod


“Tirailleur” Close-up



The close-up of reel seat lock with metal carving



Among 9 Assassins, only Tirailleur has the inseparable design with its reel seat, extremely emphasizing highly integrated resonance, the front end of the reel seat lock has been fixed by its first special “screw ” effect, not moving forward any longer.



The latest crosswind tangle-free original FUJI SIC guide



Guide Close-up


Rod Bag

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