The first hard lure launched by Lurefans
Serial Number: CC-60
Registered trademark name: cunning-cub Length: 60mm Weight: 9g
Type: slow sinking the rate of slow sinking: about 10-15cm/second
Standard diving depth when moving forward at an even speed: 1.4-1.7m
Design Patent Number: ZL200830223399.5Patent Certificate Number: 1144583


Main Battle Power
Fishing with lures is a progressive process, during which personalized fishing style gradually appears, with anglers’ experience accumulated and their overall fishing skills perfect. Almost every angler has a similar experience: the quantity change of lures they carry when fishing, ranging from preparing a lot of lures as a new hand to only carrying a small box of lures or even only a few lures. Those lures always selected conveys every angler’s confidence and tacit understanding, which we refer to as “the Main Battle Power” of Lures.

To develop a lure matching the title of “the Main Battle Power” is not an easy job, a lot of influential factors considered, such as waters structure, seasonal adaptability, fish species characteristics, matching up with other fishing tackles, the difficulty for an angler to use the lure skillfully, and so on, which involve a lot and too hard for one to be competent for developing this kind of new lure.

The developing plan of CC-60 was made in late November, 2007. Our development team began to make efforts for that goal. In middle October, 2008, the first batch of CC-60 samples was launched and put into use. The production announcement was released on Apr. 15th, 2009 after its performance improvements. By the end of April, the trial fishing in Japan and Korea was finished. In May, CC-60 was really released and available to all the anglers. The whole period lasts 17 months.

Less is more, also referred to as “Minimalism”, which emphasizes the sense of finding the essence of things.
One of the keys in designing CC-60 is how to keep its line smooth and accurate response between Minnow and Crank.
Our plate drafting people first finish the embryo of CC-60 according to its designing sketch, which determines the proportions of different body parts, giving a macroscopic guiding to the following detailed tasks. The detailed head features of CC-60 is consistent with the requirement of its drawing sketch.


There are two time-consuming perfections. The first one is be finally sure of CC-60 body image, which will decide its performance in water. According to its designing sketch, different samples with different body curves are provided for us to do the tests of counterweights and swimming stoke. The second one is about the final confirmation of its body length. We had once tested CC-50, CC-55 and CC-60. We hereby take into account targeted design, taking the common fish species in fresh water in China as the target fish.

Core Technology
After the perfection of its main performances, more preparations for its trial production with more accuracy are made, of which a lot of design ideas are quantified gradually.
For example, CC-60 is great for its amazing underwater drifting, passing and flying abilities, which gives credit to our strict design of its counterweight balance. Our 17-month persistent efforts and outstanding performance make every angler’s superb impression and eternal love for CC-60.


Feather Tail Hook Luring Attack  CC-60’s tail hook is made of natural feather, carefully selected and trimmed, making lure’s swing more attracting and realizing its easy attack.

Fish Scale-like Curve Mellow Carving  The curves, just like fish scale, are carved from lateral line and between gill and tail. Lure’s smooth gill as well as abdomen makes sure that the water flow is very similar to natural flow in its swimming, puzzling the game fish and relaxing their vigilance.

Separate right and left eyes Vision Gazing  CC-60’s right eye and left eye are not interchangeable. The Lazer spot over its two pupils will restore the natural specular, and form strong color contrast, making a vivid and true-to-life cub.




Using Tips

The swimming stroke has been tested before the product is packaged.
If the lure’s swimming stroke becomes skewed in using and it swims rightward, please adjust its head fixed ring leftward, and vice versa.
The lure is used only in water. Casting, tossing and bumping it against any hard surface is not allowed in case the lure is damaged.
Please don’t put it in a humid and high temperature place. Place it out of direct sunlight.


Please wear special glasses in your fishing with lures.
Please take it out with care because of very sharp parts.
Please stay at least 30 meters away from others when casting.
Please don’t pull the rod forcefully and dangerously in case of other objects being caught by the lure.

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