Chinese Name:毒牙 
English Name: Air Fang
Serial No.: A9
Type: Jerkbait
Length: 90mm Weight: 8g Type: Floating The max. diving depth: 90cm
The description of A9: the Panoramic Realization of Top Water Jerkbait
Produced by: Lurefans Fishing Tackle Co., Ltd.
Intellectual Property: the trademark registration of A9’s English name, Chinese name and its figure have been completed.
Patent No.: Design Patent Number: 201030187015.6 issued by State Intellectual Property Office of the People’s Republic of China


At the Outset
Out of the respect for the concept of dynamic top water lures, we have made great efforts to develop Air Fang. The tests about its different underwater actions are made and the latest raw materials are used to improve and perfect its production.
From A9, Lurefans aims to improve all products’ accuracy and acuteness. A9, as the 2011 starting design, represents our designing talent as well as efforts.


Air Fang A9, the perfect beauty of both outside and within
As the 2011 representative, Air Fang changes with the designing requirement. Finally, it is equipped with Tungsten gravity shifting and guide plate (also called “bib”) made from elastic fibers to create a cheerful touch and unique pleasure. Compared with the lures produced with traditional technology, Air Fang can fly more precisely and freely.


Between figurative and abstract art, Air Fang fully demonstrates the essence.


Showing the dynamic SUPER JERK
By virtue of the gravity shifting realized by metal Tungsten’s outstanding Specific Gravity, AIR FANG can quickly dive deep and instantly float upright toward water surface till its suspension. Then when the center of gravity shifts to its head, AIR FANG will begin the suspension between its tail and water surface,

showing the natural dynamic of small fish swimming on the surface again and making the target fish species unsuspecting when they prey.


SJS Super Jerk System (Super Jerk System)
Pointing fishing rod at water surface, you will enjoy the Super Jerk System by winding up line coupled with the action of slightly twitching the rod. The flipping and restoration of Air Fang’s belly will appear in its every pause when gliding forward. The change of rod’s twitching range and strength can directly make Air Fang move rapidly rightward and leftward in the state of upright and head downward, vividly presenting the picture of fish running away on water surface, which is surely helped by the wonderful gravity balance structure.


Super-acute Sense of Touch
Adopting the patent design of extremely tiny resistance caused by water flows plus lightweight “bib” made from elastic fibers, AIR FANG can pass you the information of every subtle change for your accurate fishing prediction and judgment.


Super-smooth Casting
The comprehensive use of new materials is a breakthrough, stabilizing AIR FANG’ s gravity, greatly suitable for drum reel casting, a real enjoyment for you, regardless of the windy days.

Using Tips

The swimming stroke has been tested before the product is packaged.
If the lure’s swimming stroke becomes skewed in using and it swims rightward, please adjust its head fixed ring leftward, and vice versa.
The lure is used only in water. Casting, tossing and bumping it against any hard surface is not allowed in case the lure is damaged.
Please don’t put it in a humid and high temperature place. Place it out of direct sunlight.


Please wear special glasses in your fishing with lures.
Please take it out with care because of very sharp parts.
Please stay at least 30 meters away from others when casting.
Please don’t pull the rod forcefully and dangerously in case of other objects being caught by the lure.

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