Chinese Name: 武虫下
English Name: Force Craw
Type: HSG (High Specific Gravity) Soft Lure
Serial Number: F-10
Green Quality: EU Standard
Product Description: Multiple and changeable structure, super natural dynamic
Length: 4 inches (about 10 cm)
Weight: 12g
Type: Sinking
The Specification of Package: 6 pieces/bag 10 bags/box

Design Patent Number: 2010301103991



The design core of Force Craw is its multiple variable linkage structure, which will meet the angler’s actual attack needs.



The use of green and quality material makes sure of its meeting EU Standard. Force Craw also adopts the technology of salt adding, with the even distribution of fine salt particles (apart from the luminous edition), and without any artificial flavors.

Some details explanation In order to know the tricks of using F-10, you had better know the linkage between different parts. The related explanations are as follows:


1. Disassembling Pictures
A: big forelimb B: little forelimb C: rear tentacle D: flaky tail (click for big picture, the white particle is salt)


2. Suggestion for match hook
Take the example of crank hook, no. 3/0 worm hook is suggested to match Force Craw, fully meeting the standard of continual use after 3 times’ tearing. Force Craw can be used for a longer time with a smaller size hook, while more fish may be jig-off.


3. Both the front face and the reverse side available
   The front face of Force Craw features the protruding eyes while on the reverse side a slot is designed in the middle.


4. Vibrating big forelimb
   The big forelimb is designed horizontally, the front view including stripe plane protrusion and the reverse side swelling in the middle. In touching the bottom, the lower protrusion of big forelimb will make the forelimb inclined and vibrate with water flow, enhancing the effect of dynamic attraction. If the bottom is covered with soft mud, the position of big forelimb will be higher than the surface of mud, favorable for the target fish to attack and be found.



How-to-play tips:
For an angler loving lure fishing, the practice of soft lure is as important as that of hard lure. With some unique features, the soft lure can make up for the shortcomings of hard lure’s attack area, such as extreme and complicated diked areas. On fish activity there are a lot of different opinions, but we don’t hold that the soft lure should be used if the fish is not very active.

A couple of Force Craw’s playing methods are for your reference.

1.Jighead (Rubberjig)
As the most popular game play of soft lure, Jighead matched up with Force Craw, its main action is the underwater jumping, including big jump or small hop or dragging along, to attract target fish’s attack depending on its big forelimb and fore tentacle. You should pay attention to the centralized and neat hook wearing.


2. Bullet ( De Zhou) anti-snag fishing group


3、Lead-free inverted jump
The steps how and where to wear the hook are shown in the picture, suitable for the careful search fishing with marks, trying to present the natural dynamic state.


Advanced play
Great for the search fishing within marks with an tilt angle, such as in the lower position of the stretching branches above water surface, after being cast towards the water near branch fringe, Force Craw will plunge just under the tree branch tilted to attract the target fish.
At this moment, you had better cut its rear tentacles, or add strip-shape lead for balance weight, then Force Craw will sneak into the target position with the help of flaky tail. The above is only for your reference.


improve your hooking rate
If you want to improve your hooking rate, you had better cut down F10’s little forelimb and its rear tentacle, matching up with lead jighead, at this moment, the swing amplitude of the jumping big forelimb bigger, and its actions more attractive. Only for your reference.


Super water-floating
Soft lure’s water-floating is very important in fishing practice, especially for the attack and attracting fish within special marks. In addition to satisfying the basic conditions of water floating, this playing method can also change its state by adjusting its body structure, looking like a struggling cricket in water. It is up to you whether to add the lead or not, depending on your personal preferences.



Using Tips

The swimming stroke has been tested before the product is packaged.
If the lure’s swimming stroke becomes skewed in using and it swims rightward, please adjust its head fixed ring leftward, and vice versa.
The lure is used only in water. Casting, tossing and bumping it against any hard surface is not allowed in case the lure is damaged.
Please don’t put it in a humid and high temperature place. Place it out of direct sunlight.


Please wear special glasses in your fishing with lures.
Please take it out with care because of very sharp parts.
Please stay at least 30 meters away from others when casting.
Please don’t pull the rod forcefully and dangerously in case of other objects being caught by the lure.

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