Length: 2.5 inches (6.35cm)
(From the top of big forelimb to the tail, not including the top tentacle)
(If included, the overall length is 3.5 inches, and about 8.89 cm)
Weight: 3/16 ounces 5.3g
standard color: 3 pieces per pack; the color of China freshwater shrimp: single pieces per pack, named “Artistic Conception Created by Mini Force Craw”
Manufacturing standard: EU Environmentally-friendly Standard Material
Design Patent Number: 201130260119.X






“Martial Master” “Spirit Interpretation”
Mini Force Craw    The second series of Soft Lure is based on Force Craw’s design. Force Craw offers a DIY motherboard while Mini Force Craw is more advanced and excellent, having strengthened its dynamic ability and made a breakthrough of using the tentacle with its diameter less than one millimeter. Mini Force Craw’s eternal pursuit is trying to present the vivid picture of Lure’s underwater fighting with fish.


Package Description
   Positioning packing can ensure MINI Force Craw at its best for fishing, which avoids its being out of shape from squeezing. Put it back after use. Convenient lock and unlock design without the need for extra fixing. No harm to the environment due to the use of green PET material.


Using Tips

The swimming stroke has been tested before the product is packaged.
If the lure’s swimming stroke becomes skewed in using and it swims rightward, please adjust its head fixed ring leftward, and vice versa.
The lure is used only in water. Casting, tossing and bumping it against any hard surface is not allowed in case the lure is damaged.
Please don’t put it in a humid and high temperature place. Place it out of direct sunlight.


Please wear special glasses in your fishing with lures.
Please take it out with care because of very sharp parts.
Please stay at least 30 meters away from others when casting.
Please don’t pull the rod forcefully and dangerously in case of other objects being caught by the lure.

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