Chinese Name: 流言
English name: RUMOR
Serial No.: R110

Type: Jerkbait Length: 110mm Weight: 13g
Slow Floating Max Diving Depth: 3 meters

Intellectual Property: two design patents issued by State Intellectual Property Office of the People’s Republic of China
                     Design Patent Number: 201130503437.4
                     Utility Model Patent Number: 200820202702.8



Beginning with the basics
On the May of 2011, the first testing version of Rumor was born, with Air Fang A9’s appearance and Conqueror Dance CD95’s water gravity balance. Subsequently, the control over water gravity was adjusted gradually and the contradiction followed with the deeper diving depth. Under the influence of water depth, the testing bait began to deviate from the required state, just as lackluster as a wiggly common bait.


The evolution of balance
As the worldwide father of water gravity balance control, CD95 has been created with an unique technology, more important than the bait itself. However, deep down, we know nothing will be in the forever lead in the world. Rumor refines CD95’s balance function, better for the actions in deep water and more changeable and controllable postures. With different water temperatures and densities, Rumor shows different states: slow floating, suspension and slow sinking. Meanwhile, an additional pin will make a great difference in Rumor’s function.


Reverse Application
Rumor is a bait used in deep water, with powerful ability to pass through the barriers in its horizontal search fishing along the ricer bank, which is realized by its lengthened lip. In its field test, I even enjoyed that moment when Rumor’s stair-step springback was paused in the sludge area



Basic techniques description

Deep water
First cast Rumor in water, point rod tip towards water surface, tighten the rest line, and then forcefully and briefly twitch the rod tip downward resulting in Rumor’s quick underwater diving rightward and leftward. After 4 times’ repetitions of the above actions, Rumor’s front end’s air will be emptied and the brief suspension will follow, with an approximate depth 1.7 meters. Subsequently, the continuing downward twitching will lead Rumor to deeper water. If Rumor is twitched horizontally, it will display a beautiful picture of its rightward and leftward fast swimming with a range of 60 cm’s searching action, accompanied by its body turning in its pause. A vivid picture of lure in deep water is displayed true to life (the above operation takes the example of fast-action fishing rod).

Shallow water
First cast Rumor in water, tighten the rest line, twitch the rod tip horizontally, and then it begins to do the fast swimming action rightward and leftward for the search fishing in mid-water when it is 1.2m underwater. If you can combine the horizontal twitch and upward twitch, Rumor will seek to do the quick search fishing in top water. If your target is at the bottom of shallow water, what you should do is repeat the rod tip’s downward twitch, and rewind the fishing line with constant speed when Rumor touches the bottom, or you pull Rumor forward with your rod, and rewind the rest line in case of empty rod, Rumor’s marching forward by hitting against the bottom, just like the foraging of small fish on the bottom, very great for search fishing in the structure of gravel and sand.

Using Tips

The swimming stroke has been tested before the product is packaged.
If the lure’s swimming stroke becomes skewed in using and it swims rightward, please adjust its head fixed ring leftward, and vice versa.
The lure is used only in water. Casting, tossing and bumping it against any hard surface is not allowed in case the lure is damaged.
Please don’t put it in a humid and high temperature place. Place it out of direct sunlight.


Please wear special glasses in your fishing with lures.
Please take it out with care because of very sharp parts.
Please stay at least 30 meters away from others when casting.
Please don’t pull the rod forcefully and dangerously in case of other objects being caught by the lure.

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