Just like being possessed by Devil, the urge to have constant fight stirred by AC684, Devil Highness perfectly integrates the portability and unity to make the most widely used M bait casting more outstanding, being your best choice if you are crazy for the accurate casting and fishing in your trip.

Serial Number: AC-684M
Overall length: 204cm the Length of its single piece: 55cm Fit for Lure 5-21g and Line 6-16lb
Dead weight: 130g The diameters of rod tip and rod end: 1.5mm & 9.6mm
Use top carbon and the carbon content of the rod body up to 100%
Total 10 FUJI SIC guides for Devil Highness: 4 double-legged guides and 5 single-legged guides and 1 top guide
Power standard: M (Medium) Action: MF (Medium Fast)
Exclusive and Customized FUJI Reel Seat for Devil Highness Top cork handle





Handle Upright


the display of every piece


Rod Display


Inscription on rod


The technology close-up of the rod and customized reel seat


Plugging Part Close-up



Guide Close-up



Rod Bag Unfolded

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