The 2011 new version of Luye differs from the original 64L Luye in raising load capacity, reducing 2g of weight and shortening 1 inch of the overall length. The new Luye provides a finesse reference plan for the anglers focusing on fishing feeling, with more sensitive rod, more desirable and enjoyable fishing experience, and the latest crosswind tangle-free original FUJI SIC guide.

Serial Number: AS-63ML
Overall length: 189cm fit for Lure 3-12g and Line 4-12lb
Dead weight: 110g The diameters of rod tip and rod end: 1.4 mm & 10.0mm
Use top carbon and the carbon content of the rod body up to 100%

Power standard: ML (Medium Light)
Action: F (Fast)
Top cork handle

the front side and reverse side of the upright handle


Inscription on Rod

The latest crosswind tangle-free original FUJI SIC guide


Guide Close-up



the Close-up of the reel seat inverse lock



the rod bag of new Luye

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